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Welcome to Elevate Talent, a leading proprietary trading firm with a mission to provide talented traders with the resources and support necessary to succeed in the financial markets.

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ELEVATE PRO is tailored to meet the needs of professional traders seeking consistency in their trading results. With a focus on risk management, ELEVATE PRO sets a maximum daily drawdown of 12%, helping traders to manage risk and avoid significant losses. Whether you're an experienced trader or just starting out, ELEVATE PRO offers a supportive and collaborative environment that can help you achieve your trading goals.

Phase 1 profit goal is 8%
Phase 2 profit goal is 5%
Bi-weekly profit split of 90% after first payout
Daily risk limit is 6%
Overall risk limit is 12%
EAs Allowed


ELEVATE INTENSIVE is designed for traders who are looking to take a more aggressive approach to their trading. With a maximum drawdown of 15%, INTENSIVE account holders have the flexibility to take on higher-risk trades and pursue more aggressive trading styles. Additionally, ELEVATE INTENSIVE offers bi-weekly payments as a reward for traders who demonstrate consistent profitability and risk management skills.

Phase 1 profit goal is 10%
Phase 2 profit goal is 6%
Bi-weekly split of 90% from the first payout
Daily risk limit is 5%
Overall risk limit is 15%
EAs Allowed

Pro plan
Intensive plan
Pro Plan ( $25,000 ) Pro Phase-1 Pro Phase 2 Elevate Pro Trader
Trading Span 45 Days 90 Days Unlimited
Minimum Trading Span 05 Days 05 Days 05 Days
Daily Risk Limit 6% of Starting Day Balance
6% of Starting Day Balance
6% of Starting Day Balance
Maximum Overall Risk Limit 12% of Initial Account Balance
12% of Initial Account Balance
12% of Initial Account Balance
Profit Goal 8%
No Profit Objective
Expert Advisory (EAs) Allowed Allowed Allowed
Retry Unlimited Unlimited No Retry
Refundable Fee $175 Free Refund
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Our Features

Elevate focuses on every aspect of the trader experience to distinguish itself.

Profit Split of 90%

Elevate Talent offers its traders a profit split of 90%, which means that traders keep 90% of the profits they generate from their trading activities. This high profit split is among the most competitive in the industry, allowing traders to keep more of their hard-earned profits.

Manage up to $500k of Funding with Scaling up to $2 Million

Elevate Talent allows traders to manage up to $500k of funding, giving them access to significant trading capital. Additionally, traders who demonstrate consistent profitability and risk management skills can scale up to $2 million in funding, allowing them to take on larger positions and potentially earn even higher profits.

Drawdown of up to 15%

Elevate Talent offers its traders the ability to trade with a maximum drawdown of 15%. This means that if a trader's account balance falls below 85% of its initial value, the trader's positions will be automatically closed to prevent further losses. This drawdown limit ensures that traders can manage their risk effectively and protect their trading capital.

Biweekly Payments

Elevate Talent offers its traders biweekly payments, which means that traders receive their profits twice a month. This payment system provides traders with a steady stream of income, allowing them to manage their finances more effectively.

Regulated and Trusted Broker with Low Commissions and Spreads - Purple Trading

Elevate Talent partners with Purple Trading Seychelles, a regulated and trusted broker with low commissions and spreads. This ensures that traders can trade with confidence and transparency, knowing that their trading costs are kept to a minimum.

Cost saving plans

Elevate Talent's low prices make it an attractive option for traders who want to maximize their profitability and minimize their trading costs. With Elevate Talent's low pricing, traders can enjoy significant cost savings compared to other prop firms in the market.

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